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Art & Culture

A full immersion into art and culture

Nord-Pas de Calais, with its wealth of historical and cultural heritage and diverse range of architecture influenced by great chapters in the region’s history, is filled with interesting museums and lively cultural venues where you can take your pick of shows, events, exhibitions, cultural tours, discovery trails and other great activities to enjoy at your leisure for an unforgettable stay.

Everything you could wish for covering art, culture, heritage and history is here. If you are inquisitive and enjoy life, like to both learn and understand as well to contemplate and be amazed, then head for Nord-Pas de Calais! The art of lacemaking, the mining culture, the brewery trail - climb aboard for an exciting voyage into the region’s origins. Marvel at the surprising traditions that enthusiasts will share with you.

Come and explore the museums and cultural venues full of exhibitions and enticing events. They tell the story of the region’s history and spirit. Lose yourself during your trips and visits in the architectural treasures which house so many amazing sights! So many stories to experience, and the chance to indulge in so many informative experiences!