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The Saint-Vaast abbey in Arras by night

A diverse collection

Sculpture from the Middle Ages is one of the key elements of the museum’s collection which includes the town’s medieval vestiges and wooden sculptures such as the famous Saudemont angels, listed historical monuments. The magnificent Mays gallery, with its exceptionally high ceiling, has an impressive range of Dutch and Flemish religious paintings. The visitor can also see works by Corot, as well as landscapes by the Arras School during the second half of the 19th century. In the 15th century Arras was famous for its tapestries, the Arrazi. There is only one left in the museum today: a tapestry of Saint-Vaast taming a bear. You will also appreciate the archaeological collections, and the ceramics which include the famous Arras porcelain.

The Mays gallery of the Arras Museum of Beaux-Arts
  • The Mays gallery of the Arras Museum of Beaux-Arts - a unique collection of large-sized works.
  • © Pascal Brunet

Versailles in Arras!

Since 2012 visitors to the museum have been able to enjoy many works from the famous national Château de Versailles museum. The first exhibition, “Roulez Carrosses”, set the scene for 10 years of cultural sharing. Nearly 300,000 visitors were enchanted by royal and imperial horse-drawn berlins and coaches, as well as sculptures, paintings, sleighs, sedan chairs, etc. The second exhibition, entitled “The Versailles castle in 100 masterpieces“, exposes emblematic, previously unseen works from the Parisian museum’s collection. The trompe l’oeil scenography treats the visitor to a sensitive experience of the aesthetic and artistic universe of the Versailles castle. Discover and enjoy the exposition from the 20th of March 2016!

Sculpture of Apollo served by the Nymphs
  • “Apollo served by the Nymphs”, exhibited at the Arras fine arts museum as part of the “The Versailles castle in 100 masterpieces”.
  • © RMN - Grand Palais Château de Versailles - Gérard Blot

Apollo served by the Nymphs