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The Louvre-Lens - external view of the pavilion lit at night

Le louvre-Lens

This is where the most remarkable cultural institution in France, and a region rethinking its future, meet. The result is a completely rethought museum which at one and the same time enables visitors to wander freely through 5000 years of the history of art and looks out over the twin slag heaps of Loos-en- Gohelle, symbols of modern tourism and a region of warm welcomes and surprising discoveries. Designed by Sanaa, the famous Japanese firm of architects, the Louvre-Lens with its minimalist architecture wonderfully handles the relationship between the inside and the outside of the museum.

La Galerie du Temps

But the Louvre-Lens’ masterstroke is a collection in one place which represents all the civilisations of the world, from the emergence of script (3,500 BC) to the middle of the 19th century. La Galerie du Temps is a 120m long agora, home to 200 masterpieces (paintings, sculptures, mosaics, bas-relief, sarcophagus) from 8 sections of the Paris Louvre. Every year on the anniversary date 4th December, 20% of the collection is renewed. For example, Liberty Leading the People by Delacroix was replaced by Oedipus and the Sphinx by Ingres. For a year now, 20 new works are housed there including treasures like Poussin’s Grand Bacchanale, and Belisarius Begging for Alms by David.

La galerie du temps
  • La galerie du temps
  • © Nord-Pas de Calais Tourisme

The temporary exhibition gallery

The temporary exhibition gallery is situated on the opposite side from the Galerie du Temps. This open area greets major international exhibitions with an unflaggingly regular frequency, twice a year. The Europe by Rubens, the Etruscans and the Mediterranean, and even the The Disaster of War are just some of the major works in this young museum. The temporary exhibition gallery, with the Galerie du Temps, is the Louvre-Lens’ second pillar. It contributes to the fame of the museum, and meets its ambition to become a guardian of art. You can discover even more works with visits organised by the  museum of the restoration workshops and the reserves.

View of the temporary exhibition gallery
  • In 2014, “The Disasters of War” exhibition was shown in the gallery.
  • © Maxime TRUFFAUT

Le Pavillon de Verre - the glass pavilion

Running on from the Galerie du Temps, but much smaller, the Pavillon de Verre houses audacious themed exhibitions. This cultural laboratory has a mission: to show art from a new angle, cross genres, confront different styles, or alternatively, gather works around a common idea. Three exhibitions have been held in the Pavillon de Verre since the opening of the Louvre-Lens. Time in Art, Seeing the Sacred, and until March 2016, The Metamorphoses. In each case, many works were lent by the Louvre as well as regional museums. The particularity of the Pavillon de Verre is its conception. Opening onto the park, the pavilion is all glass. It is a relaxing area that delights visitors.

A view of the outside of the Pavillon de Verre at night.
  • Le Pavillon de Verre - the glass pavilion
  • © LightMotiv

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