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Flemish landscape in the Casselois country seen from the Mont

Travel to the heart of the Flanders “monts”

It’s true that it is not very mountainous here... But the region is not exactly flat either! Take the inland Flanders route - half way between Lille and Dunkirk. From the A25 motorway you can already make out several imposing hills. They form a chain which stretches from west to east towards Belgium. From the top you can take in magnificent scenery, with groves and authentic farms, orchards, hop farms, belfries and typical church bell-towers. Come on! Let us guide you to Mont des Cats, Mont Cassel, and the Mont Noir.

Hop farms are a typical feature of Flemish landscape
  • Hop farms are a typical feature of Flemish landscape
The Bailleul town hall belfry
  • The Bailleul town hall belfry
  • © Pascal Morès

Climbing the belfry in Bailleul

A visit to the belfry, listed by UNESCO, provides a splendid view over the Flemish countryside!

Cassel museum - discover Flemish art

Widen your horizons and discover the collections of Flemish painting at the Flanders departmental museum in Cassel. The Hôtel de la Noble Cour, an architectural jewel, is home to 600 paintings and objects. You will find the landscapes you discovered in your travels: vast plains, seaside horizons, “monts”, and hills. Under the brush of the Flemish school’s greatest painters: Patinir, Brueghel, Bosch, appears a twilit countryside where the sky and land meet in a poetic atmosphere. Do not miss the museum’s small garden which has an exceptional view of the south side of the “mont”. And of course, continue the visit of the village around the typical Grand’Place.

Cassel Flanders museum: a visitor observes a Francis Tattegrain work
  • The Flanders museum in Cassel
  • © Frédérik ASTIER

Jardin des Récollets - a remarkable visit

In the middle of the country, an old farm hidden a the foot of Mont des Récollets is home to the garden of Emmanuel de Quillac, labelled “a remarkable garden”. This trained landscape gardener and owner of the T’Kasteelhof estaminet (do not miss it!) will guide you around this little Flemish paradise with hedges, box trees, cropped willows, and topiaries. The plantations are directly inspired by historical Flemish gardens. Venture into the 17 green “chambers” - small closed areas which offer rare intimacy. Take a seat on the tree trunks in the “Spring chamber”, inspired by the Brueghel’s painting, “The Hunters in the Snow”. Breath deeply and contemplate...enjoy the beauty of the scenery.

The Mont des Récollets garden
  • The Mont des Récollets garden
  • © Arnaud De Quillacq

Villages in Flanders are like open air museums

Churches with beautiful altarpieces, châteaux, windmills, hop fields, abbeys and many other treasures resulting from ancient traditions and centuries of history... The remarkable heritage of villages in Flanders and the vitality of their tourism will surprise you. Come and explore them using the ‘villages patrimoine©’ network. Find out about the twenty or so delightful little villages that can be explored using discovery trails. Enjoy walking to the Ondankmeulen windmill with its huge sails in Boeschèpe, hop over the border in Godewaersvelde and then enjoy a warm welcome in one of its traditional taverns, or follow in the footsteps of the monk Guillaume de Rubrouck who explored the Mongol Empire during the 13th century...

View on the Esquelbecq castle and the garden
  • Anyone who loves old books and buildings must visit Esquelbecq - a ‘town of books’ with an old château.
  • © Villages Patrimoine
The lush green park at the Hostellerie Saint Louis

A traditional stay in Flanders

Price for 1 person for a 3 days / 2 nights stay