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A northern dish with fish, chips, and raw vegetables served with lager.

Around the world in 80 dishes.

Potjevleesch, Waterzooi, Hochepot, etc. Delicious regional dishes which are easier to savour than to pronounce! These three typical recipes are from Flanders which is why their names sound Dutch. Other imported specialities which are just as delicious have found their place in the hearts (and stomach) of the northerners: the Welsh from Wales, the Makocz - a poppy seed brioche introduced by Polish miners, and the Belgian speculaas. Travelling in the Nord and Pas-de-Calais is also a voyage for your taste buds. If you can’t pronounce "Potjevleesch”  when you want to order it in a restaurant, don’t panic! Say “Potch” and the result is the same.

View of Potjevleesch in the T’Kasteel Hof estaminet in Cassel
  • The classic Potjevleesch served with chips
  • © Samuel Dhote
Recipes made in the North and Pas-de-Calais (Part 1/2)

The regional estaminets - places for getting together.

Entering an estaminet is a human experience. These picturesque restaurants have a very Flemish style, and of course all the dishes are regional specialities.

Sweet or savoury? Take both!

The Nord and Pas-de-Calais have something for your palate, whether your prefer sweet or savoury. Lovers of savoury dishes will relish the very famous flamiche made with Maroilles cheese which has a very characteristic scent, or a succulent Coq à la Bière - preferably brown ale. There is a wide choice of desserts: stuffed waffles, beer crepes, cramique craquelin, or a sugar tart. But not just any old sugar! Brown sugar - made from locally produced beetroot syrup.  It brings flavours to dessert recipes, but is also used in the savoury dishes like the carbonnade flamande, or the Flemish red cabbage. Cheese also has pride of place in the region’s menus with over 50 different varieties. Need we say more - a cuisine which is a reflection of the local population - warm and generous.

Rabbit with prunes in the Three Mont beer.
  • Another sweet-savoury dish: rabbit with prunes
  • © Patrice Thomas
Recipes made in the North and Pas-de-Calais (Part 2/2)

Would you like some more cheese?

Cheese, or rather cheeses, are an integral part of northern cuisine.  Despite there being a wide variety of flavours, the cheeses are only distributed locally. Fortunately the region’s markets have well-stocked cheese stalls. Have a look around and find the one that’s suits your palate best. Strong cheeses like the Vieux Boulogne or the Gris de Lille, milder cheeses like the Mont des Cats or the chalky de Roncq, and then there are the more original like the Boulette d’Avesnes covered with paprika, or the Bergues, washed with beer - there is something for everyone. Don’t forget! Cheese can be eaten with any meal, but no one will force you to eat Maroilles for breakfast.

View of the cheese “Coeur d’Arras” - a heart-shaped cheese.
  • The Coeur d’Arras - we love it already!
  • © Samuel Dhote
Tarte Papin cooked, on the kitchen bench with ingredients (eggs, milk, butter, and prunes) with a whisk.
  • La Tarte Papin
  • © Samuel Dhote

The Ch’ti-style custard tart

With a brioche pastry, the Tarte Papin (or Libouli) is a Boulogne-sur-mer speciality which gourmets will love.