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Obelisk to the Dover Patrol

Cycling through the Artois hills

Set off on a 29.5 km route, taking about 3 hours. The advantage of cycling the trails is that you are free to stop whenever you feel like it! It’s here, in the heart of the Artois hills, that the bloodiest conflicts in Pas-de-Calais took place during three major battles. Over the course of the route, discover the largest military cemetery in France - Notre-Dame de Lorette in Ablain-Saint-Nazaire. Pedal through the rolling countryside, punctuated by the silhouette of a ruined abbey (Mont-Saint-Eloi), peaceful villages marked with military cemeteries, as well as the enormous memorial sites such as the Vimy Memorial.

The Vimy Ridge National Historical Site of Canada
  • The Vimy Ridge National Historical Site of Canada
  • © P. Fruitier
Other cycling trails
See marks left by soldiers from across the world

British, German and French, as well as Portuguese, Indian and Australian - soldiers of all nationalities fell between Lille and Béthune. Discover many moving monuments and cemeteries.

Pedal around besieged and fortified Maubeuge

Come and explore the town which suffered the longest siege of the war! Maubeuge was occupied by the Germans from 14 September to 18 November and you can explore its monuments and forts.

Walking the Battle of Fromelles route

An exceptional route for an extraordinary story! In 2007, the discovery of the bodies of 250 Australian soldiers put Fromelles under the world’s spotlight again. The allied forces had fought here during an operation supporting fighting on the Somme. This first experience of the front resulted in complete carnage. The bodies of hundreds of Australian soldiers, hastily buried in a mass grave, were now identified and buried officially in a new military cemetery called ‘Le Bois du Faison’ (Pheasant Wood) - the most recent World War I memorial site. Walk through the rural landscape, learn all the details of this story at the Battle of Fromelles museum and then gather your thoughts in the cemeteries - now peaceful, pastoral places in which to spend some time.

The Australian Memorial Park in Fromelles
  • The Australian Memorial Park in Fromelles
  • © Anne-Sophie FLAMENT
Nearly 150 km of trails to discover monuments, landscapes and stories about the conflict

Other walking trails to explore

In the footsteps of the English poet, Wilfred Owen

A 7.3 km walk in the footsteps of the one of the most well-known poets in the United Kingdom. To see: the forester’s house where he spent his last night, now officially a ‘Maison des Illustres’.

The road from ‘Mademoiselle from Armentières’

‘Mademoiselle from Armentières’ now has its own walking trail! Let this bar waitress who became the subject of a popular song sung by the British troops and by Line Renaud, take you for a stroll.

The Maubeuge paths ‘ the era of the Germans’

A short, 2.4 km (approximately 1 hour) trail full of great discoveries and military architecture! Explore barracks, a fort, a fortification and an arsenal - a real immersion in the art of waging war.