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Douai and its ‘legendary heroes’

Our region is a land full of spirit where the tradition of having large festive gatherings to mark ‘legendary heroes’ continues to this day. The ‘Gayant’ festivals celebrate a family of giants from Douai. You will also be fascinated by the other festivals - ‘Les Pureux’ in Roost-Warendin, the gathering of giants in Cantin and Montigny-en-Ostrevent, as well as the festivals celebrating professions (Sainte-Barbe, ‘La fête de la Batellerie’, etc.) and traditional festivals such as ‘Les Cucurbitades’ in Marchiennes and ‘La Foire à l’Ail’ (garlic festival) in Arleux.

Come and find out about the legends which have created such a strong shared identity and set of common values. Feel the excitement when the huge wickerwork figures pass close by and enjoy the happy faces of the children in seeing them again. Enjoy the shows and entertainment that take place throughout these festivals and, along with the locals, taste the soup of ‘Les Pureux’, garlic soup and other culinary specialities using squash. This experience can be followed by exploring the magnificent belfry in Douai and its chime of 62 bells pulled by master bell ringers who are continuing a tradition started in 1391. You will stay in a hotel carefully selected by us where you can relax and recover over a tasty breakfast. 

Price for 1 person
based on a double or twin-bedded room


Throughout the year subject to availability

In a 2 or 3 star or economy hotel with breakfast, the tour and a memento included.


Depending on the festival programme, the package includes:

. one night’s stay
. exploring the event and entertainment independently… (introduction brochure supplied by us)
. a tour of the belfry in Douai
. a memento of the giants