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Les Mout'Anes: charm and happiness on a farm in the Avesnois

Away from the unhealthiness of the town, come and meet the animals on an "extraordinary" farm!

Here, green tourism takes pride of place! Your "Panda" accommodation respects the environment. Local food, family atmosphere, and the donkeys - mascots of the site - make it a little haven of nature and goodwill.
Tucked away in an "Extraordinary location", in the "bocage" and the Avesnois Regional Nature Park, sheep and donkeys live in perfect harmony surrounded by their friends: the horse, ponies, the goat, the dog, cats, the hens and the rabbits....
The kitchen garden is also very inviting: carrots, tomatoes, and leeks - all fresh and healthy.

Price for 3 people
2 adults and 1 child (under 11)


Valid from 06/11/2015 to 31/12/2016

  • 1 night in family guest room
  • 2 adult meals
  • 1 children's meal
  • Guided tour of the "Extraordinary location"
  • A guided walk with a donkey

Practical information

  • Tourist tax of €0.30 per person per day payable at the farm as a supplement
  • Optional: 1 additional child: €34 (including taxes)