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The public garden in Cambrai

Parks and Gardens in town

Greenery and open spaces in town without the noise of traffic and daily stress all around are possible! It is common knowledge that in the 19th and 20th centuries, many towns in the Nord-Pas de Calais made the effort to go green so as to overcome their image as polluted industrial towns and provide their citizens with a breath of clean air. In Lille, a stone's throw from the town centre, recharge your batteries in the "Parc de la Citadelle", the largest green space in the town, and in the "Jardin Vauban", landscaped in the English style, and classified as an historic monument or even in the botanical gardens created by Jean Dubuisson. As regards Gravelines or Saint-Omer, their gardens within the ramparts will delight all those who love nature walks and historical heritage.

Lake set in the greenery of the "Jardin Vauban" in Lille
  • The "Jardin Vauban" in Lille
  • © Office du tourisme de lille - Carine Parquet

Discovering remarkable botanical gardens

The Nord-Pas de Calais has 5 gardens designated as "Jardins Remarquables"; one of them is the Parc Barbieux in Roubaix, an 34 ha public park created in 1863 by landscape architect Barillet-Deschamps. A place for a stroll when in Roubaix, you will find many plant species there, lakes, and monuments, just as in the many other parks of the region ("Parc de la Rhônelle" in Valenciennes, "Parc Bertin" in Douai, public garden in Cambrai ,etc.). The town centres of the Nord-Pas de Calais also contain botanical gardens . Let us stop a while in the one at Tourcoing created in 1917. There you will find a beech and a remarkable lime with huge leaves (planted when the garden was constructed) and more recently, a greenhouse where a great diversity of plants grow. A delight for garden enthusiasts.

Botanical garden in Tourcoing
  • Botanical garden in Tourcoing
  • © Claire Ducoulombier

Tourcoing offers a "green circle" of town centre gardens to be explored via its botanical gardens and its educational greenhouses

Gardens to get off the beaten track

400 yards from the Lille Europe railway station, between trains or simply for a change of scene and the originality of the place, go into the "Jardin des Géants" a lively place of culture and diversity. Water threads through three natural, poetic spaces.

A few miles further on, the Chimonobambusa Trail offers an escape to Japan. As soon as you enter this Asia-inspired garden, you are overcome by a feeling of disorientation and wonderment which increases as your visit progresses and different lay-outs are revealed in a restful and relaxing atmosphere: water features, shaded or sunny areas, terraces, flowerbeds, and of course, bamboo.

The Asia-inspired garden: The Chimonobambusa Trail
  • The Asia-inspired garden: The Chimonobambusa Trail at Hellemmes
  • © Martine Vandenbussche

A "Mosaic" of colourful gardens

Not far from Lille lies an extraordinary garden... an invitation to dream, to uncover the diversity of the inhabitants of Greater Lille through Culture. Welcome to Mosaïc, the Culture garden. This spot is an invitation to discover 10 contemporary gardens, the fruit of the talents of three landscape architects. More than 350 plant species, contemporary works, animals,etc. Mosaïc regularly organises concerts, story-telling, dancing, starter workshops in the arts or even quirky visits!

The Mosaïc gardens at Houplin-Ancoisne
  • The Mosaïc gardens at Houplin-Ancoisne
  • © E.Le Brun_Lightmotiv