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Sculptures and garden in Bergueneuse

A land of rivers and gardens

The 7 Vallées is not far from the Côte d’Opale. The area takes its pretty name from the 7 rivers, and numerous tributaries! They criss-cross the land: the Canche, Authie, Bras de Brosne, Créquoise, Planquette, Ternoise and Lys. Further to the east, the Ternois is also a rural and bucolic area, marking a gentle transition from the Artois area’s farmed plains. Rivers, bocages, sunken lanes, woods, and forests alternate with a total of 9 superb gardens. Take time to visit them. Venture off the main roads and savour the moment! Here, a bit further, private visits, charged with emotion - you will leave with your head full of flowers!

The Créquoise passes through Hesmond: a small, running river in the heart of the 7 Vallées
  • The Créquoise passes through Hesmond
  • © OT 7 vallées
Take it easy on an electric bike

At Hesdin you can hire electric bikes (or classic mountain bikes) and take off on one of the 6 circuits for 2 hours, ½ h (€5) or 1 day. Go at your own pace! From April to September

Life starts the day you start a garden

Séricourt - a remarkable garden

“We share emotions in this garden full of stories,” Yves Gosse de Gorre, landscape gardener explains. “It is an intimate garden, inspired by opposition which stimulate the imagination.” He has embroidered a universe with plantations and plant sculptures over 4.5 hectares. His “Warriors Garden” is a reminder of Azincourt, Crécy, and the world wars. “The Procession” suggests mullions here, armed knights there. The path leads to peace. The atmosphere plays with contrasts between large, geometric areas and small, dark corners. The sea avenue, the rose cathedral, topiary gardens, or the 21st century... Séricourt is an adventure, an emotion for those who enjoy reading between the lines in garden books.

The Séricourt gardens
  • The Séricourt gardens
  • © View of the Séricourt gardens: topiaries and pruned box hedges

At Bergueneuse - all sorts of art

Here is Bergueneuse - another garden, another universe. Françoise Droulez, the president of the regional parks and gardens association has combined his love for gardens with her husband’s sculpting talents Surrounded by hills and the Faux, a small estuary of the river, we venture around the 18th century farmhouse, going from horticultural findings to artistic discoveries. Steel chimeras exchange with Madame’s favourite plants, perennials. Many connoisseur’s plants, but also magnificent decorative bushes. A combination of the graphic power of metal and the tenderness of greenery: another lovely visit for getting to know the other gardens in the region.

Sculptures and garden in Bergueneuse
  • Sculptures and garden in Bergueneuse
  • © Jacques DROULEZ

Good spirits are found at Marie-Ange’s place!

Between vast plains and green valleys, the road climbs towards Croisette. This is Marie-Ange’ garden. She is a passionate, generous gourmet. Her garden is a combination of kitchen gardens, orchards, meadows, small natural spaces in perspective, and paths bordered with perennials: kalimeris, asters, persicaria, fleabane. It is full of live and surprises, like her. “I am partial to the kitchen garden,” she admits. After the visit, she shares her taste for plants with a degustation. She explains how to enhance pear soup with several dahlia petals, a kir with elderberry flower syrup, how to make jam with potatoes or rhubarb water.

Marie-Ange’s private garden in Croisette: to be shared without moderation.
  • Marie-Ange’s private garden in Croisette: to be shared without moderation.
  • © Celine EDOUART

The Lianes garden - a highlight

End your rich, green tour with emotions inspired by the Lianes garden in Chériennes, labelled “remarkable”. Eliane and Guy Lebel created “this garden for pleasure, leisure, passion, like a living room, where you can lose yourself in the many small avenues, dream, meditate...!” A joy! Collectible trees and bushes, a mix of colours from April to October. 450 varieties of old-fashioned and English roses. 350 varieties of hydrangeas, some of which are 4 metres high. Each flowerbed is designed with interesting, eye-catching plants. Artificial ponds, a dovecote, charming little doll’s houses, summer-houses - everything is beautifully kept. An excellent and decidedly very, very charming ambassador for the area.

The Lianes garden in Chériennes: a small wooden house lives here too
  • The Lianes garden in Chériennes - labelled “remarkable”.
  • © OT 7 vallées

A tamed “wild” garden

Welcome to the heart of the 7 Vallées. The Planquette, a small tributary of the Canche river is rightly named, playing hide-and-seek as it travels towards Cavron-Saint-Martin and the Chèvrefeuilles garden. Monique and Michel opened this “half-nature, half-garden” not long ago to “exchange”, with a thousand odd species, and animals. Monique will take you on a journey through the colours provided by the seasons’ infinite palette. Here is a powdery and golden catalpa, a small plum tree - bright orange in the Autumn - “just like a flame,” she smiles. A wild lemon tree decorated with pretty golden balls, and this liquidambar, a rainbow tree which goes from yellow to pink to green to mauve and dark purple.

View of the garden: a heron by the pond surrounded by many species.
  • At the bend in the garden, animals and plants cohabit naturally.
  • © OT 7 vallées

Discovering the gardens

Other ideas at Ternois tourist office

The Wintenberger museum-mill, the Cercamps castle, the Belval abbey in Troisvaux, the plant maze in Humeroeuille for the children, or the heritage of Auxi-le-Château...

River leisure activities

Fish, paddle, list, and hike on the river banks... The Canche and the Ternoise rivers and their tributaries are ideal for many leisure activities. Fishing map, labelled accommodation, activities...

The regional gardens association

Private gardens, urban gardens, botanical gardens, castle grounds - the Nord-Pas de Calais parks and gardens association will inform you according to your taste! 41 sites to explore!

Discovering the gardens

Hesdin - plenty of ideas

A pretty town with a place d’Armes and beautiful, sculpted town hall and belfry. Here at 7 Vallées tourist office you can rent the heritage video guide which will guide you around the town’s streets.

Terre de Saveurs - a land of savours

Brand new shop for local produce at Marconnelle, near Hesdin. Hélène promises to only propose local produce from within 30 km! Cheese, fruit, vegetables, meat, juices, etc.