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Where the Lys crosses Wervicq-Sud, not far from a towpath.

Let the Lys be your guide...

The source of the Lys is in Lisbourg at an altitude of 115m. The river slowly flows past several remarkable sites such as the Verchin castle, before arriving in the town of Aire-sur-la-Lys, situated on the water with stunning architecture. The river leaves the Pas-de-Calais and heads for the North, crossing two towns with grand belfries: Merville and Armentières. The waterway flirts with Belgium where Flemish and French landscapes alternate with cross-border towns full of history. The brewery museum in Comines-Warneton and the tobacco museum in Wervik (Belgium) are signs of the rich heritage. After 7km in the countryside, the Lys opens onto another cross-border town: Menin (Belgium) and Halluin (France) where the river harbour is ideal for relaxing before the 100% Belgium stage.

View of the Lys, where you will find many activities.
  • Fishing, hiking, mountain biking: there are lots of things to do.
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From Lisbourg to Ghent, the Lys flows along 214km before going into the Escaut.

The Lys valley greeters

Their names are Gilbert, Patrick, Isabelle, Annie, and Jan. They all have one thing in common: they are passionate about their region. These natives of the Lys valley greet you with enthusiasm and from every perspective - curious things to see, the valley’s history, the best itineraries, etc. Join them and discover all the Lys’ secrets.

The eco-lodges for a well-deserved rest.

With hundreds of kilometres, abundant historical sites, and many activities, you need more than an afternoon to visit all of the Lys.  The eco-lodges spotted along the river are ideal for a well-deserved stopover. In Fiefs, Mont-Bernenchon, Haverskerque, Sailly sur la Lys, Wervik, Halluin, as well as in Belgium, these huts for hikers and cyclists are open all year round and equipped for your comfort: heating, kitchen area, and even a terrace where you can enjoy the sun. Just bring your sleeping bag, towels, and toiletries and enjoy these facilities in an unique setting. A great occasion to explore every nook and cranny of the Lys valley. More information and bookings at Lys Sans Frontières.

The Halluin eco-lodges.
  • The Halluin eco-lodges are situated on the banks of the Lys, ideal for a relaxing time in the middle of the country.
  • © Lys sans frontières
What to see and do in the Lys valley (1/2)
Water Sports Centre at Haverskerque

Situated on the banks of the old Lys, the Haverskerque water sports centre offers a wide range of activities: canoeing, paddle boarding, kayaking, pedal boats, archery, etc. There is something for everyone.


The Lys is a perfect spot for fishing, with abundant fish and a quiet green setting. Beginners and enthusiasts will be delighted by the quantity of predatory fish in the river.

What to see and do in the Lys valley (2/2)
The roaring twenties station

At Bac St-Maur there is an old station which has been refurbished with a wagon converted into a hotel. Stopover and spend the night in a 1930s sleeping car for an original experience.

Les Près du Hem

In Armentières, les Près du Hem is the starting point of many cruises for those who want to see the Lys up close. This leisure centre also has about 20 activities for families.

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The “golden river” or the Lys in Belgium

Marvel at the Lys as it passes by Kortrijk - a modern town steeped in history, Ghent - known as one of Belgium’s most beautiful cities, or Deinze - a charming Flemish stopover.

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The official Lys Sans Frontières for all the information you need to prepare your trip to the Lys valley.