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Horse riders on Le Touquet beach

A holiday at one with nature in Le Touquet

Here you are in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage at last! Breathe in that wonderful sea air mixed with the aroma of maritime pines as you arrive in one of the grand, beautifully elegant avenues in Le Touquet for a weekend break or holiday. Take some time to explore the heart of this 800 hectare seaside forest, which is half the size of the town! This forest tells the story of the resort’s beginnings. In the 19th century, this stretch of untouched sand was destined to become agricultural land. But nothing grew there! So instead, the owner (a Parisian lawyer) decided to plant a forest of pines there for hunting and leisure purposes, and for the rich and famous. Starting from the Tourist Office, take the ‘sentier du Daphné’ path (other trails available) and explore this forest’s rare flora and fauna.

A couple cycling in Le Touquet forest
  • A view of Le Touquet from the forest
  • © Eric DESAUNOIS

A weekend break beside the sea

Since the 1930s, Le Touquet has been a fashionable seaside resort, gaining the nickname of ‘the little Arcachon of the North’. This is further emphasised by Canche Bay and its beautiful surroundings lying to the north of the town. The best way to appreciate the great size of the mouth of the river Canche (the largest river in Pas-de-Calais) is to head towards the water sports centre in the north. There, you can drift off for a walk across the sand, or enjoy the expansive view from the wooded headland. You will experience a great sense of peace and solitude here amongst the migratory birds, and may even be watched by a few seals. Catamarans and windsurfers from the sailing school will remind you about the delights of being on holiday... perhaps you too will take to the water?

Canche Bay, Le Touquet
  • Canche Bay, Le Touquet
  • © Laurence Henniquau
Breathe in that wonderful sea air mixed with the aroma of maritime pines!

Le Touquet beach - a real holiday gem

Enjoy this huge playground, stretching over 12 km! With the sun high in the sky, it’s the perfect time for swimming in the open sea, building sand castles and playing with kites. This is what the best holiday memories are made of... The beach is so vast that it can accommodate land yachting enthusiasts without difficulty (available for hire from the water sports centre in the south). Come and try out the thrill of zipping along just inches above the ground, powered by the wind! You can enjoy some time with the family in ‘l'Aqualu’ - a waterpark covering 4, 000 m2. Alternatively, you can relax with some gentle marine treatments in the thalassotherapy centre...

The lively beach and seafront full of holidaymakers
  • Le Touquet beach with holidaymakers
  • © Eric DESAUNOIS
Beach and seaside activities..
.. And by the sea