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Baie de Canche in the sunshine, with a few boats

Canche Bay - a completely natural estuary

This group of dunes, located north of Le Touquet and protected by the ‘Conservatoire du Littoral’, stretches over several kilometres inland. Canche Bay is a Picardy estuary with a typical baymouth bar and a barrier beach breaking off on the southern side. Its counterpart on the other side is called ‘Le Musoir’ (pierhead). A bay is first and foremost an opening onto the sea. It is where the 88 km long river Canche goes into the sea. Here, between the sand, sea and sky, is a place to escape and recharge. Nature reigns supreme. Enjoy the many walks available starting from Le Touquet and Etaples, a pretty, small fishing harbour. On themed walks find out about over 500 plants including a dozen species of orchid - a unique local feature. Watch the seals lazing about, sail, get away from it all...

Baie de Canche: at low tide, take the chance to explore it with a guide
  • Baie de Canche at low tide
  • © Laurence Henniquau
Activities and leisure in Canche Bay
Between the dunes and the sea, a protected coastline
  • Between the dunes and the sea, a protected coastline
  • © Pascal Morès

The stunning northern coastline

The best preserved coastline in France, after Corsica, thanks to the ‘Conservatoire du Littoral’.

Authie Bay and its fragile environment

Authie Bay (a smaller version of Somme Bay) lies south of Berck-sur-Mer. It extends over approximately 2,000 hectares. It marks the transition into the old province of Picardy, an administrative region that no longer exists. This protected area is threatened by encroaching sand, choking an exceptional environment of pines, seabuckthorn and beachgrass. If the Common Shellduck (a large surface-feeding duck) is the iconic bird for Canche Bay, the equivalent for here would be the White Stork. Common seals can also be seen. They are a species that has been protected since 1967 and can be spotted at low tide lazing about on the sandbanks close to the shoreline. Here, like in Canche Bay, you can relax and take in your surroundings, enjoying a invigorating break and breathtaking walks. 

Naturally vulnerable, scenery to take your breath away, absolutely needing protection
  • The Baie d'Authie, the beach, the dunes, the sea
  • © Association Les sentiers des baies
Activities and leisure in Authie Bay