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Giant kites rise into the sky

A great family experience.

Almost 700,000 spectators come to the vast Berck-sur-Mer beach to contemplate the world’s best kite-makers’ new creations.  Open to everyone, there is entertainment for all ages. Your little ones can learn how to make and fly kites in a safe environment. Marine life, astonishing flying creatures, giant octopuses, even memorable characters from your childhood undulate across the sky. A colourful festival where you have your feet in the sand and your head in the sky. 

Berck beach overflowing with families during the RICV
  • Berck-sur-Mer beach during the RICV
  • © Anne Sophie Flament
Wind is free - let’s enjoy it! - Gérard Clément

Biennial world team champion

On the seaside, up to 16 mixed world teams represent 9 countries, givingtheir all to win the world championship. These top athletes come from England, Colombia, the US, France, Japan, China, Russia, and even Malaysia, to battle it out with a fair play spirit. Every day there are demonstrations of performances and synchronised choreographies for you to enjoy. Who will beat the title holding English team, “The Scratch Bunnies”, World Champion in 2010, 2012 and 2014? Find out in Spring 2016.

Biennial world team champion - The Scratch Bunnies
  • Biennial world team champion - The Scratch Bunnies
  • © Office de Tourisme de Berck sur Mer

The International Kite Festival on video

A video is the best way to enjoy the many kites flying on Berck-sur-Mer beach. It is even more beautiful in real life, so why not come and experience it now!

On the 10 day programme

Visit the foreign delegations’ exhibitions and stands every day on the esplanade from 10.00am to 6.00pm. On the beach spectators can enjoy this activity. And at the same time, the show in the air continues. The kite-flyers get together for Mega-teams or pacific Rokkakus battles (Japanese-inspired hexagonal kites). Don’t forget to visit the wind gardens - an enchanting universe with a dose of humour and passion. The festival concludes with a night flight and a firework show.

The wind garden during the RICK at Berck-sur-Mer
  • RICV Berck-sur-Mer: the wind garden
  • © Anne Sophie Flament

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