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Gastronomie régionale

The North’s cuisine is full of taste and character!

Ah- the cuisine of the North! Hiding behind that apparent simplicity, here is a cuisine that mirrors the region - full of generosity, variety, creativity and flavour. The local produce tells of the region’s marriage between land and sea. The result is flavoursome specialities to be shared together around the table. It can be enjoyed in all the welcoming restaurants, where you will also be made to feel at home...

Here, gastronomy is alive and well! The local produce in Nord-Pas de Calais is authentic and full of flavour and character - beers, cheeses, fish - strong tasting, good and unforgettable. They all create a picture of the coastline, great northern plains, fields and orchards. Cooked with infinite care - the riches of the land become delicious delights of sweetness and refinement. They go on to create delectable culinary specialities. Come and savour the tastes!

Try one of our restaurants, which cater for every taste. The dishes are all imaginatively prepared and full of traditional or new flavours. Enjoy the aromas, as well as sampling and sharing the dishes over a delicious meal with friends -  because the story of gastronomy in Nord-Pas de Calais is above all about sharing. Come and eat!