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Two "andouilles" packaged by the butcher

The "andouillette" is celebrated in Arras

The Arras "andouillette"probably dates from the Middle Ages. Made with pork caul fat,which has the distinction of not being fatty and having a delicate taste, each butcher adds his secret something…The "fete de l'andouillette" celebrates this delicacy every last Sunday in August. So discover the magnificent "Place des Héros" turned into an open air restaurant where every one eats grilled "andouillette". At this gathering, the "Andouillette" Guild takes pride of place and street performances delight those on a stroll or out eating . A gourmet market gives an opportunity for the "andouillette" to be enjoyed in other ways, in a pancake or even with chocolate. "Andouillettes" are also offered at a number of butchers' shops and restaurants in Arras, so they can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

Families eating at the "Fête de l'andouillete"
  • Families eating at the "Fête de l'andouillete"
  • © Pascal Brunet

Experience an induction!

The "Fête de l'andouillette" at Arras is an opportunity to witness the induction of new members. I've been through it! Having donned my vestments, a cape and red cap enhanced with a white ruff, here I am parading through the streets teeming with people. Tourists are finishing their "andouillettes" which take pride of place in all the restaurants. A short waltz to the sound of the brass band, and here we are at the podium, in front of the town hall. Each one, when their name is called, receives the weighty medal bearing the image of the lion of Arras. I sit down at the long table for new members. It is time to take the oath of allegiance and enjoy the taste of the town's "andouillettes" before the joyful crowd, before the ...joyful crowd!

Induction of new members to the "Andouillette" Guild in Arras
  • Induction of new members to the "Andouillette" Guild
  • © C. Decraene

The grand return of the "Andouillette de Cambrai"

In Cambrai, the "andouillette" is the pride of the town, just like the famous Bêtise sweets. It has the particularity of being prepared using veal - not pork - caul fat stuffed in a beef gut casing. The mad cow disease saga had forced butchers to abandon the traditional recipe, and not even sell the product for 15 years. Since the summer of 2015 and the lifting of the ban by the authorities in Brussels, the butchers advertise it loud and clear: "The genuine "andouillette de Cambrai" made with veal caul fat is back! "And now the "andouillette" has regained its past tenderness, sales have shot up and those who are fond of it sometimes come from far and wide. The town also has its "Andouillette" Guild, which organizes the competition for the best product every year.

"Andouillettes de Cambrai" served at the restaurant
  • "Andouillettes de Cambrai" served at the restaurant
  • © SalonsStJacques Cambrai
The AAAAA (or 5A) Diploma has been the guarantee of a genuine "andouillette" for over 50 years

In Aire-sur-La Lys, the "andouille", a speciality!

In Aire-sur-La-Lys, "andouilles" take centre stage. The town's butchers have always sold them and 5 to 6 tonnes of this speciality are still made each year. It consists of 80% lean pork, shallots, sage and various secret spices. In cooking, it is used in every possible way - raw, roasted, grilled or even in stews. Crowds assemble on the first Sunday every September to celebrate the "andouille"; on the menu are tastings, sales, and activities. For more than half a century the festival has been host to famous performers and artists. The highlight of the day undoubtedly being when the Mayor throws "andouilles" from the upper court rooms of the Town Hall, in the presence of the "Guild of the Knights of the Good Andouille", of course!

The massive crowd watching the "andouilles" being thrown
  • "Andouilles" being thrown from the upper court rooms in Aire-sur-La-Lys
  • © Carl Peterloff

Some useful addresses

À l'andouillette d'Arras - 3, rue du Marché-au-Filé - Arras

Charcuterie Jean-Paul Marie Belot - 1622 route Nationale - Fontaine Notre Dame

Charcuterie Saint Jacques - 7 rue Saint-Jacques - CAMBRAI

Charcuterie Patrick Fumery - 10, Rue of the Thumbnail - Area-on-the-Lys

Charcuterie Guy Jovenin - 1, rue Notre-Dame - Aire-sur-la-Lys

Charcuterie Luc Legrand - 80, rue de Saint-Omer - Aire-sur-la-Lys