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Centuries of history

The first traces, or should we say odours, of Maroilles date back to the 7th century. It comes from the village of the same name in the Avesnois, where the abbey monks transformed milk into in cheese.  They jealously protected this privilege until the 11th century, when victims of their success, the production spread to surrounding villages, then to neighbouring Thiérache in the Aisne department. Today Maroilles can be found practically everywhere in France - in cheese-shops, supermarkets, and even better, in the farms where it is produced! 4,166 tonnes of Maroilles were sold in 2014, of which 275 tonnes were farm-produced.

Farm-produced Maroilles from the Pont des Loups farm at Saint-Aubin
  • Farm-produced Maroilles from the Pont des Loups farm at Saint-Aubin
  • © Lightmotiv
“Shame on he who claims to have a fair table without Maroilles”: the Maroilles brotherhood motto!

A special land

Maroilles is the only cheese in the Nord-Pas de Calais to have an AOC origin label obtained in 1976. It is known as “the subtlest strong cheese”. To understand it, you need to understand the land it comes from and its particularities: the Thiérache, which straddles the North and Aisne departments. The landscape of groves, luxurious green pastures and dairy cows are all part of the Maroilles’ success. The milk does not necessarily come from a specific race but there is a prevalent race in the area where this characterful cheese is produced - the Bleue du Nord cow. It is easily recognisable with its white coat and grey, blue or black marks, and a black muzzle. Both a dairy and meat race, its milk is sometimes used for the production of Maroilles.

A herd of cows in a pasture in the Avesnois groves.
  • A herd of cows in the Avesnois groves.
  • © Lightmotiv

The secrets of production

Learn about the enduring production method at the last Maroilles maker in the village of Maroilles. From milking, to the maturing cellar, to sale in the shops - it is a mouth-watering story!

Visit and taste!

The Cerfmont farm at Maroilles

The last producer of Maroilles at Maroilles. Learn about the production of the cheese with a tasting from Tuesday to Thursday between 10.00am and midday. Information: 03 27 77 71 55

The Pont des Loups farm at Saint-Aubin

Visit and discover the production of Maroilles. This farm-produced Maroilles was awarded gold and silver medals at the international agriculture show in 2014 and 2015. Information: 03 27 57 84 09

Not one, but MANY Maroilles

Non-pasteurised or pasteurised, whole served on a cheese platter or transformed, Maroilles can be savoured in many shapes and forms. “Le pave” (720g) is generally less matured with a lighter flavour than its sidekicks, “le mignon” (360g) and “le quart” (180g). Maroilles always has a strong odour - a lot stronger than the taste. For example, a Munster or Livarot are stronger than Maroilles. Maroilles smells very strong when cooked, it’s true, (Flamiche, röstis, sauces, soufflet, etc) but it is delicious for palates that do not appreciate strong cheese.

A Maroilles Flamiche coming out of the oven
  • Maroilles Flamiche
  • © Lightmotiv
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