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A small square box with 9 black and white mini-Merveilleux

The marvellous story of the Merveilleux

Once upon a time there was a northern pastry chef named Frédéric Vaucamps, who is none other than the creator of the “Merveilleux de Fred”. At the end of the 1980s he developed his inimitable Merveilleux recipe: an airy and tender meringue, coated with chocolate whipped cream, and covered with shavings of chocolate. These ingredients and his skills combine to make a delicious cake with a unique flavour. Success was immediate. Customers flooded into his shop in Vieux Lille to discover this irresistible and gourmet cake. The Merveilleux was born!

With this experience, Fred went on to create diverse versions of his cake. So the Incroyable, Impensable, Excentrique, Magnifique and the Sans-Culotte joined the Merveilleux family!!

The creation of a large Merveilleux with chocolate shavings
  • The creation of a Merveilleux in progress
  • © Aux Merveilleux

Fred's universe

You can also savour this exceptional dessert at Méo, the famous tearoom on Lille’s Grand Place; and certain restaurants in Lille have even added the delicacy to their dessert menu. 

Thanks to this unrivalled know-how, the Merveilleux has become an international classic and is even exported to the UK. And you can even taste the Merveilleux in New York!

A box of 15 mini-Merveilleux - different varieties
  • A box of mini-Merveilleux
  • © Aux Merveilleux

Fred's universe

Aux Merveilleux - Lille Monnaie

67 rue de la Monnaie
59800 Lille
03 20 51 99 59

Aux Merveilleux - Lille Léon Gambetta

336 rue Léon Gambetta
59000 Lille
03 20 57 25 58

Aux Merveilleux - Lille Grand Place

Café Méo 5/7 Grand Place
59800 Lille 
06 73 88 60 10