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Close-up on the different waffles in the region

« There is a waffle for everyone! » 

We love the traditional version - vanilla flavoured - moulded by delicate hands and stamped with the establishment’s seal. A culinary delicacy that General de Gaulle adopted at the Elysée Palace. Martine Aubry offers them as an emblem of Lille to her guests. A VIP product. The waffles are available in pocket size (practical for travelling), and the flavours change with the times, “EphéMeert-style”, pistachio-Morello cherry, blackcurrant-violet... Whether you are traditional or trendy, there is a waffle for everyone!

A young girl tastes a Meert waffle in front of the shop.
  • The worlds stops turning long enough to taste a waffle!
  • © Xavier Alphand

The Meert pastry shop - an absolute must

Go through the majestic door of the shop on the rue Esquermoise, which dates back to 1764, and live an unforgettable experience. Everything is precious, authentic and perpetuates the hand-crafted tradition - the Art Deco window, the yesteryear counters, the ceiling painted with precious material, mouldings, gilding, copper...including the period displays. Generally, the epicurean takes a seat in the tearoom or the restaurant, knowing that the waffle is to Meert what the macaroon is to Ladurée.

A display of waffles on a counter from yesteryear
  • Meert waffles on display in the shop
  • © Denis Paillard

The waffle has travelled to settle in other capitals

We remember the effervescence of Lille 2004 when visitors came to see Rubens at the fine arts museum and left with their Meert-stamped waffle. The television programme “Les Racines et des Ailes” promoted the know-how of this Lillois establishment run by a man of challenge. An operation in Shanghai with Lille 3000 is today promoting its colours abroad, giving the momentum for the creation of shops in the heart of Paris and in the Galerie du Roi in Bruxelles. In its quest for world notoriety, the waffle will soon have its home in London.

The Meert pastry shop in the Parisian Marais district
  • Meert settles in the Marais district in Paris
  • © Pâtisserie Meert