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A plate of Potjeveleesch with fries, salad, beer and gherkins

Subtle Potjeveleesch

Rabbit, pig, veal, poultry - 4 white meats mild in flavour, preserved and stewed, garnish the Potjeveleesch terrine. The subtlety of this symbolic dish is in the composition of the jelly. It is the essence of the recipe, and its success depends on the right dose of herbs and spices. Either thickly sliced, or mixed up in the dish like a patchwork of meat, it is not very presentable, but don’t judge by appearances. Served cold, coated with a tender jelly on a bed of fries, with a few leaves of salad, crowned with a glass of beer. It will delight your taste buds, and you will go back for more. There are many, more or less sophisticated, recipes... To each his Potch.

Potjeveleesch with different layers of meat, tomato, salad
  • A patchwork of Potch
  • © Christian berger

For talented Potch-makers!

If you are a Potch master, why not participate in the great adventure of the International Potjeveleesch competition organised every 2 years by the “Charcuterie” federation, sponsored by the association for the “Gastronomic safeguard and protection of veritable Potjeveleesch”. Whether you are a professional or not, registration is open to young gastronomic hopefuls aged under 25 years at Bailleul. Monsieur Vanpoperinghe is the initiator, and what’s more, he is himself “charcutier” at the Palais de Goumets in La Madeleine. Your know-how is precious and will delight all gourmets.

It is best served with fries cooked in beef fat
  • A close-up on a plate with Potch, fries, and salad
  • © Adeline Vendeville


3 days




3 - 31/2 hours




800g “charcutier” rabbit ● 800g chicken ● 800g pork chine ● Several bay leaves and thyme ● 1/3 sweet white wine ● 1/4 brown vinegar ● 750g shallot ● 2.5kg carrots ● 11/2 litre stock ● Lard ● Salt and pepper ● 300g gelatin"


Day 1 : Cut the meat into 1cm cubes, peel the carrots and cut them into slices with a food processor

Day 2 : Heat the stock and add the jelly - Cover the bottom of the terrine with the carrots, thyme, bay leaves and pepper - Mix together and add the vinegar and white wine - Add the chicken, the rabbit, the pork and cover with the chicken stock preparation - Preheat the oven to 120° - Put the terrine in the oven set to 100° for 3 - 31/2 hour - Check regularly - Leave to cool then store in the refrigerator

Day 3 : Cover completely with lard

Luc Vanpoperinghe‘s recipe for Potjeveleesch terrine
  • Luc Vanpoperinghe‘s recipe
  • © Adeline vendeville

Luc Vanpoperinghe‘s recipe