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The Speculoos soufflé presented in a small copper saucepan

Tips and tricks, before you make the soufflé

You will need Speculoos pastry. To be bought ready-made (Anne-Sophie advises the Lotus brand.) Otherwise, you will find further down an easy preparation method,to deal with the biscuit!

  • The French pastry cream must be made well before the soufflé mixture as it must be cold when they are mixed together. 
  • Carefully work out the cooking time for the soufflé which has to be served hot and immediately. 
  • You will find xanthan gum in the list of ingredients; this thickens the milk in the soufflé mix. This is easily purchased, from Alice Délices, for example. 
  • To spice things up, we suggest a whisky sorbet as an accompaniment. 
  • Finally, a few broken pieces of Speculoos biscuit on top - effect guaranteed!
Ingredients and equipment necessary for the recipe
  • With ingredients and equipment properly prepared, a "no slip-ups" recipe is guaranteed.
  • © Claire Decraene

The equipment necessary

  • 1 whisk
  • 1 spatula
  • 1 small saucepan
  • 1 mixing bowl (or a simple salad bowl)
  • a bowl with two beaters and a whisk
  • 1 pastry bag

Also have ready small moulds or ramekins in which to serve your soufflé individually (equivalent of 70 to 80 g of dessert per person). The whisky sorbet can be served in a small spoon, placed in the soufflé when served.

The chef with her kitchen utensils
  • Anne-Sophie Bercet, a talent... and organized.
  • © Claire Decraene
A soufflé as a dessert is unusual at home. This one is easy to make, impress your guests!

Making a Speculoos pastry and plain pastry cream

For 6 soufflés - Speculoos pastry: 200 g of Speculoos biscuits , 200 g of unsweetened condensed Milk, 20 g of honey, 4 g of cinnamon powder, a good pinch of salt (2 g). Put all the ingredients in the mixer bowl. Mix. Keep in a cool place for 2 hours before using it. Mix again and then the pastry is ready to use. Plain pastry cream: bring 500 ml of milk and 100 g of butter to the boil. Mix 5 egg yolks and 50 g cornflour. Pour the boiling milk on to the yolks and mix well. Put in a saucepan and cook until it thickens. Keep in a cool place and cover it with film to avoid a skin forming.

Speculoos pastry is an essential ingredient
  • Speculoos pastry is an essential ingredient
  • © Claire Decraene

Making the Wambrechies whisky sorbet

For 6 soufflés - Heat 750 ml of water to 45°C. Add 20 g of powdered milk, 100 g of castor sugar, 50 g of atomised glucose and 5 g of stabilizer. Mix. Bring the mixture to the boil. Keep in a cool place for at least 1 hour and add 90 ml of whisky. Put in Pacojet bowl.

A whisky sorbet served in a small spoon
  • A whisky sorbet served in a small spoon, for the most stunning effect!
  • © Claire Decraene

Anne-Sophie Bercet, clearly talented

At 25, this young Northerner from Douai already has a CV as tantalising as her creative pastries. She has worked at the Ritz, the Martinez, the Elysée Palace restaurant, and Les Crayères**. Since February 2015, she has been the pastry chef at the star rated restaurant La Laiterie in Lambersart. A determined, creative and talented young lady. It is what she grew up with, as they often say. A grand-father who was an apple grower and cider maker, a father who ran a restaurant, memories of "big family meals" at which, as child, she helped out... and the recipes of her great-grandmother who used to give her home-made waffles... In 2013, she picked up the title of Champion of France for desserts with her "water lily with perfumed hints of the Tropics"...

Picture of the chef
  • Anne-Sophie Bercet confirmed her pastry-making talents at Le Touquet Catering School.
  • © Claire DECRAENE


1 hour




8 minutes to 200°C


100 g of plain cream pastry ● 200 g of Speculoos pastry ● 200 ml of milk ● 2 g of xanthan gum ● 12 g of potato starch ● 2 egg yolks ● 200 g of egg whites ● 20 g of castor sugar


Put the egg whites and the sugar in the mixer bowl to rise them gently over approximately 45 minutes, and finish by speeding up the process to stiffen them. Bring the milk to the boil, add the Xanthan gum and bring to the boil again, let it stand. Put the pastry in a bowl and add one by one the Speculoos pastry, starch, and yolks; mix well. Bring the milk to the boil again and add it to the mixture. Complete the mixture by carefully adding the stiffened, risen egg whites. Grease the moulds with butter and sugar. Fill to a good centimetre below the edge, let it stand for at least one hour.

The chef in action
  • Anne-Sophie Bercet at work.
  • © Claire DECRAENE

Anne-Sophie Bercet recipe