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Florent Ladeyn’s salad presented on a plate

Beetroot - a vegetable from the north

“Beetroot is representative of Nord-Pas de Calais cuisine - a versatile vegetable which can be used in both sweet and savoury recipes. Like the north of France, beetroot does not have a good reputation but when it is prepared the right way, it is magnificent.” Beetroot ketchup, beetroot powder - Florent uses it where you least expect it!

Beetroot in its natural state in the kitchen
  • Beetroot
  • © Eric LEBRUN
Portrait of the chef
  • Portrait of the chef
  • © Eric LEBRUN

Good, simple, balanced cuisine with a zany touch... the art of the table according to Florent Ladeyn


30 min






2 beetroot (the size of an apple) ● 1 fennel ● 50 g butter ● 16 whelks, raw, or cooked to save time ● 1 packet of de coarse salt (if the whelks are raw) ● Court-bouillon (if the whelks are raw) ● 1 teaspoon of red wine vinegar ● 1 soup spoon of sunflower oil ● 20 blueberries ● Salt and pepper "


  • Prepare the beetroot: Oven-roast the beetroot for 1hr30min at 180°. When cooked, peel manually. Tear them in half. Then let them stew in 50g of butter until they are crystallised. 
  • For the whelk vinaigrette: If the whelks are raw, leave them to sweat in the coarse salt for about 2 hours. Rinse them and put them in the hot court-bouillon for 8 minutes at low heat. Shell the cooked whelks, taking care to remove the two ends. Put them in a bowl, add freshly ground pepper, 1 soup spoon of sunflower oil, 1 teaspoon of red wine vinegar and about 20 blueberries. Mix well. 
  • Prepare the fennel: Keep the best fennel tops for the presentation. Cut the rest into slivers. 
  • Presentation: Put half the beetroot in the centre of the dish, add a soup spoon of whelk vinaigrette, some fennel leaves and the slivers of fennel. "
Arrange the dish after preparation
  • Arrange the dish after preparation
  • © Eric LEBRUN

Starter: Salad of beetroot, whelks and fennel