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Portrait de Florent Ladeyn

L'Auberge du Vert-Mont - the spirit of Flanders

“It is good here - this is where I grew up.” Standing in front of the panoramic view provided by ‘Mont Coquerelle’, Florent never tires of the landscape. He spots some deer ambling through the surrounding countryside, which is scattered with small copses. More than once he has been offered the chance to take charge of restaurants in Paris, but it is the Flemish region that provides him inspiration on a daily basis. He has created a kitchen garden around the restaurant and is thinking of installing a beehive. He likes his customers to walk around the pasture left fallow in the late summer. “I have great customers -I am not looking to work with a select few. Besides being a Michelin-starred restaurant, ‘Le Vert-Mont’ is, above all, a place where regional cuisine can be enjoyed and good times can be had. “

L'Auberge du Vert-Mont - the spirit of Flanders
  • L'auberge du Vert-Mont
  • © Richard BARON - LightMotiv

Florent - a chef, countryman and poet

In his kitchen garden, Florent talks of his homeland ‘drawing him towards cooking’ - the walks in the forest, the strength gained from working as a family and his grandmothers’ great cooking. He grows parsley, thyme, chives, tarragon, savory, verbena, lemon balm and blood sorrel to use in the kitchen. “We served lemonade at ‘Le Bloempot’ and ‘Le Vert Mont’ last year for four months from this little patch of nasturtiums. It’s very good for its peppery taste and green colour. Redroot pigweed is over there - the seeds can be used like quinoa and the leaves are very good. I’ve also planted wood sorrel under the trees and a wild woodland trefoil next to it. It has a very strong lemony taste and replaces lemons beautifully.”

Florent - a chef, countryman and poet
  • Florent - a chef, countryman and poet
  • © Richard BARON - LightMotiv
I am not going to Lille to eat Brittany langoustine, bouillabaisse or foie gras!

Book now!

“Here, you don’t choose what you want to eat - you choose what you don’t want to eat!” Be guided by Florent. The menu changes according to the seasonal produce arriving each day. There are 3 menus from €40 and €34 to €50. The daily menu (starter, main course and dessert) costs €21 at ‘Le Mont Vert’. On this particular day, they are serving a shoulder of suckling pig with carrot and swede purée, and a beet and chickweed salad (a highly successful weed that is excellent to eat!). For dessert - a currant loaf crumble with yoghurt sauce and home-made lemon and grape sorbet... Heard enough? Well, remember to book - because tables are snapped up like hotcakes...

Picture of a table in the dining area in l'Auberge du Vert Mont
  • L'Aurbege du Vert Mont
  • © Richard BARON - LightMotiv
Portrait of Florent Ladeyn
  • Florent Ladeyn
  • © Richard BARON - LightMotiv

Florent has the humanism of Giono mixed with a Flemish craziness full of mischief and energy...

The Ladeyn team

O'Brothers !

 7 multi-talented young men run both the open kitchen and the dining room at ‘Le Bloempot’. Each brings his own dish to the table “as the best person to explain their dish is the person who made it! “

Everyone wears denim for Ladeyn

Florent is also surrounded by a young and close-knit team at ‘Le Vert-Mont’. Clément, his cousin, is his right-hand man in the kitchen. All wear denim shirts as a symbol of unity!

Where to find them

L'Auberge du Vert-Mont, restaurant* / Boeschèpe /
Le Bloempot / Lille /

The lush green park at the Hostellerie Saint Louis

A traditional stay in Flanders

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