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Picture of a table in the dining area in l'Auberge du Vert Mont

In the heart of Flanders

Climbing up Mont Coquerelle in the heart of the Flanders’ hills close to the Belgian border, you come across a chapel. Here it is worth making the detour to this local producer. Enjoy the vista of hop fields and then start to make your way through the village nestling around the church. The restaurant emerges out of the undulating countryside, criss-crossed by hedges and trees. Although it’s just an elevation of few hundred metres, the view here is stunning. ‘Mont des Cats’ and its abbey is to your left, the Dunkirk coast is opposite and Poperinge and Belgium are to your right” gestures Florent. This is where the Ladeyn stronghold is located, built 30 years ago by his father, José. A great spot boosted by the talent, infectious enthusiasm and inquisitiveness of a young chef, countryman and poet.

The green haven of the Flemish countryside surrounding the restaurant
  • The green haven of the Flemish countryside surrounding the restaurant
  • © Richard BARON - LightMotiv

A restaurant close to nature

It is good to stop here after some time on the road. You are greeted with hops trained around the entrance. The welcoming brickwork restaurant is flooded with Flanders’ light. There is a natural pine floor underfoot originating from the scaffolding used to restore a chapel in Courtrai. This find was made by Florent at the start of 2015. “I like its natural patina after four years outside in the sun and rain”, he explains. Florent, always attentive to his guests comfort, limits the visual and sound pollution as much as possible. Where there was once a tennis court, he has planted native species. It is an invitation to walk through a little piece of a Flemish countryside. A beehive and kitchen garden are being planned.

The entire dining area offers a view of the landscape laid out before you
  • The dining area enjoys extensive views: the hills from the window
  • © Richard BARON - LightMotiv

Nothing but local produce

95% of the produce used is grown locally. “I work with two market gardeners: Dries Delanotte who practises biodynamic horticulture in Dikkebus, and Bertrand Devienne, an organic grower in Borre.” The cream from Benoît Morel’s farm in Sec-Bois is so good that Florent is often asked what is in it. “Nothing - just pure, organic cream straight from the farm - that’s what gives it its great taste!  ” he smiles. For meat, Florent uses the best local producers: Beun’s goats from Sainte-Marie-Cappel, lamb from Esquelbecq, veal from Lestrem. The best cuts are chosen ‘on the animal’ by a butcher from Méteren. It’s a virtuous circle created by links of trust, knowledge and a common gourmet aim, all in the pursuit of pleasing guests.

View of a kitchen garden not far from the restaurant
  • Native species have been planted by the restaurant
  • © Richard BARON - LightMotiv
Make the customers feel happier on leaving the restaurant than when they first arrived

Tasting with your “eyes closed”

Florent’s cuisine should be experienced like an adventure “with no intellectualism”, he specifies in particular. As a result, it’s like a beautiful story inextricably linked with the local area.“A creative, instinctive and simple cuisine derived from the natural land”. Don’t expect to find menus or tablecloths here. Put the Michelin star to the back of your mind and let yourself be guided... Enjoy a quick lunch for 21 Euro, or treat yourself to an evening meal, choosing from 3 menus of 34, 40 and 50 Euro. A hot croissant with farmhouse butter and wild garlic appetizer; starters of asparagus from the Flemish dunes & mackerel in buttermilk; a dish of milk-fed veal served with cabbage, napa cabbage & brocoletti... 95 % of the ingredients are local.

Picture of a dish served in the restaurant
  • This menu challenges you to experience flavours differently!
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Extend the enjoyment

A few signature Vert-Mont dishes

- Roast green asparagus, Tomme & herbs; Squab & petits pois; Chips, Mariolles & onion ash; Apple & fir ice-cream; Rhubarb, caramel milk jam & oxalis. A ‘simple and honest’ culinary world.

Spend a night at Vert-Mont

Make the most of the restaurant’s beautiful location by spending a night there enjoying the panoramic view over the countryside. With an exquisite breakfast for unbeatable value!

The lush green park at the Hostellerie Saint Louis

A traditional stay in Flanders

Price for 1 person for a 3 days / 2 nights stay