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‘L'Auberge du Vert Mont’ - Florent Ladeyn’s restaurant

Michelin-starred restaurants along the coast

In every corner of the region there are chefs, stories, and a variety of different cuisines. Everywhere, the delight of pleasant restaurants, the taste of local produce, a choice of excellent cuisine and service, and a love of cooking. On the Opal Coast at Boulogne-sur-Mer, La Matelote – the name of a seaman's wife from Boulogne - offers seafood in all its forms. The building dates from the 1930s, as does the Palace Le Westminster at Touquet-Paris-Plage where the Pavillon Restaurant flies the flag for good food in the Nord-Pas de Calais thanks to William Elliot, its chef. Further south La Grenouillère at La Madeleine-sous-Montreuil and Le Château de Montreuil offer, in the first case, a traditional location turned avant-garde, and in the second, the luxurious setting of an English manor house. 

Le Westminster
  • Le Westminster
  • © Le Westminster

The inland gourmet Michelin-starred restaurants

To the west of the Lille Metropolitan area, Le Cerisier at Laventie is an expression of the finesse of chef Eric Delerue whose aim is to lead you gently along with his "Short Stroll", "Fisherman's Walk", and "Gourmet's Journey" menus. The simplicity of the vegetables from this area - the Pays de l'Alloeu - is a revelation. Not too far away and needing no introduction is the Château de Beaulieu with its "Le Meurin" restaurant, named after the two star chef, Marc Meurin. North of Lille , "artisan chef" Christophe Hagnerelle has been making of the Val d'Auge at Bondues a food-lovers' rendez-vous since 1998. As for the Laiterie at Lambersart, it has been an institution since the 1980s. 

Florent Ladeyn, chef at ‘L'Auberge du Vert Mont’
  • Florent Ladeyn
  • © LightMotiv

Newcomers with great talent!

In 2012, they picked up their star: Yorann Vandriessche of L'Arbre at Gruson and Emmanuel Hernandez of Le Musigny at Valenciennes. The former turned an iconic estaminet into a gourmet restaurant. Smoked fish from Corrue, the sea produce specialists, sand shrimps from the Opal Coast, he quite straightforwardly turns seafood into something sublime. At Le Musigny, the South warms up the North. Of Spanish origin, he transforms Ratte du Touquet potatoes, endives and Radinghem snails with his "caliente" touch. The star awarded the inn L'Auberge de Vert-Mont at Boeschèpe in 2014 has in no way changed its mischievous Flemish owner, Florent Ladeyn. Quite simply, a journey to the very heart of Flemish territory and its top-class cuisine! 

Recipe with Ratte du Touquet potatoes with a rosace of scallops
  • Recipe with Ratte du Touquet potatoes with a rosace of scallops
  • © Eric LEBRUN - LightMotiv

Where are the starred restaurants to be found?


1, Pavé Jean-Marie Leblanc, 59152 Gruson / 03 20 79 55 33 

L'Auberge de la Grenouillère*

19 rue de la Grenouillère, 62170 La Madelaine-sous-Montreuil
03 21 06 07 22

L'Auberge du Vert Mont*

1318 Rue du Mont Noir - 59299 Boeschèpe / 03 28 49 41 26

but also...

Le Cerisier*

3 Rue de la Gare, 62840 Laventie / 03 21 27 60 59

Le Château de Montreuil*

4 Chaussée des Capucins, 62170 Montreuil-sur-Mer / 03 21 81 53 04

La Grenouillère*

19 Rue de la Grenouillère, 62170 La Madelaine-sous-Montreuil / 03 21 06 07 22

and there...

La Grignotière*

6 Rue Jean Jaurès - 59590 Raismes / 03 27 36 91 99

La Laiterie*

138 Avenue de l'Hippodrome, 59130 Lambersart / 03 20 92 79 73

La Matelote*

70, 80 Boulevard Sainte-Beuve, 62200 Boulogne-sur-Mer / 03 21 30 33 33

and even!

Le Meurin**

1098 Rue de Lillers, 62350 Busnes / 03 21 68 88 88

Le Musigny*

90, Avenue de Liège, 59300 Valenciennes / 03 27 41 49 30

Le Pavillon*

5 Avenue du Verger, 62520 Le Touquet Paris Plage / 03 21 05 48 48

and finally

La Table* Clarance Hôtel

32 rue de la Barre, 59000 Lille / 03 59 36 35 59

Le Val d'Auge*

805 Avenue du Général de Gaulle, 59910 Bondues / 03 20 46 26 87