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View of 2 kite surfers at sunset

Kite surfing weekend at Wissant, on the Opal Coast

Leap over the waves, fly like the wind... On these long northern beaches, the dream has become reality. Kite surfing has had the wind in its sails there for twelve years or so. "The potential of the spots in the region is phenomenal. Surfers, from amateurs to highly experienced specialists, find the wind coming from every possible direction: south to north from Berck to Le Touquet, south-west / north-east from Hardelot to Wimereux, and west / north-east at Dunkirk" says Marc Hocquet, creator of 'Bed and kite', a concept combining a stay at a "gite" at Marquise and courses ( kite surfing, kite flying and paddle boarding) delivered on the spot at Wissant. Go for it! Enjoy a relaxing, sporty, exotic weekend right in the heart of the Boulogne area!

Cours de Kite Surf sur la plage de Wissant
  • Kite surfing course on the beach
  • © Opal Glisse - JP Delmotte
Kite surfing isn't to do with strength. It's all about technique. Aymeric Cegielski.

All the kite surfing spots in Nord-Pas de Calais

The Opal Coast has 9 exceptional sites which lend themselves perfectly to kite surfing: Bray-Dunes, Dunkirk, Gravelines, Wissant, Wimereux, Sangatte, Hardelot, Le Touquet and Berck. Long beaches of fine sand,tides which recede up to 2 or 3 km, and strong winds especially around the Straits of Dover characterize these 9 sites. Each of these usually has a school or a water sports centre where you can find information on weather conditions and equipment, select a training course, or an introductory session (D Kite and Kitessentiel in Dunkirk, the Jean Binard water sports centre at Gravelines, Wimkite School at Wimereux, Kite surfing session at Camiers, among others...).

Group of kite surfers on the wet sandy beach, ready to take wing
  • Kite surfing championship at Dunkirk
  • © Kite Park - Dunkerque

A word from the expert

The views of a kite surfer, Sébastien, from Le Touquet, on kite surfing in Nord-Pas de Calais: "The wind blows here all the time, throughout the year, every day! The beaches offer plenty of space, at low tide, to do it safely".

The "Kiteparc" at Dunes de Flandres

And in fact, to do a sequence of tricks safely, set a course from the Kiteparc at Dunes de Flandres to Dunkirk. This is also the Dunkirk beach where the World Kite Surfing Championship was held in 2009! "This safe area, to the left of the sailing base at Licorne, is virtually unique in France. Created in 2005, it is the first kite surfing park in Europe", explains Aymeric Cegielski, beach marshal and director of Kitesentiel, a kite surfing school (training and introductory courses over several days or a weekend). Over a 500 metre stretch, priority is given to kite surfers and the safety of bathers."We give advice and can lend equipment." He will also introduce you to the pleasurable sensations of the catakite, kite buggy or the paddle board.

Competitors at the World Kite Surfing Championship get ready to fly
  • Competitors at the World Kite Surfing Championship in 2009
  • © Kite Park - Dunkerque

Good to know

Focus on the catakite

A cross between a catamaran and kite, the catakite enables anyone (including disabled) to get started on nautical activities involving being towed by a kite. See Kitessentiel in Dunkirk.

Three kite surfing words!

Water start: getting on to your board in the water.
High Jump: A jump using the kite.
Riding upwind: riding against the direction of the wind.

The right equipment

Kite, release system (to disengage from the kite), "leash" (this connects the kite surfer to his board), board, helmet, wetsuit and harness...

A kite surfer competing - Dunkirk
  • A kite surfer competing - Dunkirk
  • © Kite Park - Dunkerque

A breath of adventure

Feet in the water, head in the clouds, the wind carries us toward a horizon of infinite freedom...

Practical information

Nord-Pas de Calais Free Flying League

Regional office of the French Federation of Free Flight (Fédération Française de Vol Libre) provides information about clubs and paragliding, kite flying, and kite surfing sites. +33 (0)3 21 04 64 76.


Kitessentiel / Dunkirk / +33 (0)6 85 69 41 87 /
Bed & Kite / Wissant / +33 (0)6 68 98 58 05 /

Find a shop to get the equipment

A few kite surfing shops in Nord-Pas de Calais: Windsurfing Zone at Wissant / Homespot et Wimkite at Wimereux / Attitude Glisse et Triple C at Dunkirk...

Kitesurf and windsurf boards on the Côte d’Opale

Bed & Kite at Wissant

Price for 2 people for a 2 days / 1 night stay