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Belfry (CALAIS)

  • UNESCO World Heritage

Spoken languages : anglais, français

This 75-metre-tall belfry is built in a blend of Flemish and Renaissance styles. The structure of the square tower, underneath its red-brick and white-stone cladding, is of reinforced concrete, a material that was modern at the time it was built in the early 20th century. Although it's an impressive building, it wasn't designed to receive visitors - the interior is almost empty. The upper section is the most richly decorated part. There are four clocks suspended by cantilevers sculpted as lion's heads, on top of which four golden knights face towards each point of the compass. Instead of a campanile, there's an electric carillon and, at the very top, a dragon acting as a weathervane watches over Auguste Rodin's famous "Les Bourgeois" sculpture.


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