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Beffroi et Carillon

Belfry , Chimes (DOUAI)

  • UNESCO World Heritage

Spoken languages : français, anglais, allemand, néerlandais

When Victor Hugo was visiting the region, he saw the belfry and described it to his daughter Adele like this: "Imagine a Gothic tower, crowned by a slate roof with a multitude of little tapered windows arranged in two rows; on every window, a weather vane; at each of the four corners, a tower; on the belfry spire, a lion holding a flag in his legs as he spins; and from this whole funny, wacky, lively creation, comes the pealing of chimes". The visit takes you up the successive floors to finally reach the carillon, the biggest one in France. The story of this carillon began when the belfry was built in 1391, and Jehan Lourdel became the first of 35 bellringers in a lineage still unbroken to this day. A melody chimes out each quarter-hour and concerts are regularly put on.


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