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Château d'Esnes

Castle (ESNES)

Built in the 13th century, the castle of Esnes is still standing, despite being attacked over and over again through the centuries. The moat that surrounded it is now almost entirely filled up, but of the original building there remain the two round towers framing the porch, a big tower, a dovecote and the dungeon. The castle is well-preserved because it has always been inhabited. The lords who first lived here passed it on to their descendatnts, and it was spared during the French Revolution on the condition that it would be left to the peasants. So it served as a warehouse for crops before being inhabited once again. A visit to the dovecote reveals a special thrill: on the walls, there are dozens of drawings dating back to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and you can make out such things as a Christ juggling with the planets or a lord courting his lady.