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L.A.A.C. Lieu d'Art et d'Action Contemporaine

Reception rooms , Museum (DUNKERQUE)

  • Inspected and accredited by the French museum department (Service des Musées de France)

Spoken languages : anglais, néerlandais

Set amidst a sculpture garden, the LAAC is a bold white ceramic building that seems to attack the very sky. It contains a remarkably rich collection from the years between 1950 and 1980: Karel Appel, Arman, César, Eugène Leroy, Andy Warhol, etc. Temporary exhibitions are held throughout the year to present the different works in the collection. There is also a section for graphic art, wtih an original approach to presentation: the work is laid out in a multitude of drawers that you can open and close to see more than 150 drawings and prints. The LAAC has a strong focus on the very latest of contemporary art and the visual arts, putting on not just temporary exhibitions but also performances, installations, musical or choreographed walks, readings, videos... With the Regional Collection of Contemporary Art (FRAC) close by, this is a hub of excellence in contemporary art.