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La Maison Leroux

Reception rooms , Centre for cultural interpretation (ORCHIES)

It was as early as 1904 that the industrialist Alphonse Henri Eugène Leroux had the idea of making a museum. To this effect, he gathered together a range of old and new objects linked to his chicory business and its marketing. His sons carried on adding to this collection, and as a result, the chicory museum now boasts a particularly diverse and original array of items. Located in the Leroux family home, a 19th-century bourgeois residence, the museum has been expanded with the addition of a modern building with a wonderful view over the garden. The colourful tale of chicory, from cultivation to advertising and marketing techniques, is told through an exhibition of several thousands of documents and items. You may happen upon a curiosity, the earthenware "pharmacy pots" from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, works of art which were used to preserve the properties of chicory-based remedies.


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