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MTVS - musée du textile et de la vie sociale - Site de l’écomusée de l’avesnois


  • Inspected and accredited by the French museum department (Service des Musées de France)

Set up in 1980, the Avesnois Ecomuseum was the first of its kind in France.  It is now part of a network of 4 museums on different themes located in places of interest around the region. The museum of textiles and everyday life in Fourmies is housed in a former spinning mill, still thick with the atmosphere of the days when women and men were hard at work making wool. It takes you back into those times through reconsituted scenes such as an "estaminet" (alehouse), the inside of a worker's house, a school room and a cobbled street lined with shops. In Trelon, the former glassworks shows a workshop preserved almost in its entirety, where a glass blower gives demonstrations at the end of the tour, revealing the secrets of his craft. The Maison du Bocage in Sains-le-Nord shows life on a farm was like in the last century, while the Musée des Bois Jolis in Felleries demonstrates the craft of wood-turning in the 19th century, in an old brick mill framed with blue stone. 


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