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Musée Benoît de Puydt


  • Inspected and accredited by the French museum department (Service des Musées de France)

Spoken languages : français, anglais, néerlandais

Benoit De Puydt, notary by trade, was a learned man with a passion: that of collecting 15th to 19th-century Flemish art objects and paintings. When he died in 1859, he donated his entire collection to the city of Bailleul. His bourgeois house was, according to his wishes, converted into a museum. Since then, artists and amateurs have followed his legacy and kept the donations flooding in, continually adding to the unique charm of this collector's house-turned-museum. The museum displays paintings from the Flemish, French and Dutch schools as well as from local Bailleul artists, including the famous Brueghel, Henri de Blés, Jacob Savery, Pharaon de Winter… There are sculptures, furniture, jewelry, ceramics, earthenware and lace from the region, as well as porcelain items from China and Japan that bear witness to the cultural relationships nurtured between Flanders and the Orient. The museum is open all year round and organises temporary exhibitions, cultural events, workshops and courses.


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