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Musée Marguerite Yourcenar

Home of a famous person (SAINT-JANS-CAPPEL)

Spoken languages : anglais, allemand, néerlandais, espagnol

Marguerite Yourcenar has spent the summers of her childhood in Flanders, at the Mont Noir, sometimes on the Belgian coast. As a tribute to the first woman elected to the French Academy, the Marguerite Yourcenar villa welcomes writers, poets, and essayists all year round in writing residence. The villa is situated on the former family property, a rural setting conducive to literary creativity. Meetings with authors, literary evenings and cultural events are organised on a regular basis. The "Hyacinth Path" goes through the property, taking you along a 6-kilometre walk filled with surprises to display the landscapes of Flanders. Round off your visit in the little Yourcemar museum very close by where you'll see a few photos, and some furniture and texts.


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