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Musée d'Ethnologie Régionale

Museum (BETHUNE)

  • Inspected and accredited by the French museum department (Service des Musées de France)

The museum's collections are real treasures, the legacy of a bygone era, bearing witness craftsmanship of a kind that no longer exists today. On display are the tools, agricultural and domestic items, crafted or technical objects that have shaped this region, and, though they are clearly no longer at their best, they remain intricately linked to the people who used them. There are more than 40,000 objects classed under three categories: The ethnographical holdings (the largest) contains objects from the 19th century to the present day; the archaeological collection dating back to Greek-Roman, Merovingian and mediaeval times, gathered from excavations in Béthune and the surrounding area; and the art collection featuring artists such as Capliez, Crépin, Simon, Hanicotte, Lesage, Pignon, Delaville and Ducourant. The museum has, since 2009, been housed in the Chapelle Saint-Pry, Bethune's former hospital, which was reconstructed after WW1. Temporary exhibitions are held on the 250m² ground floor.