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Musée d'histoire locale

Park - Garden , Castle (NIEPPE)

  • Château
    Parc du Château
    227 rue de Bailleul
    59850 NIEPPE

The castle's history begins in 1610 when the canon of the Cathedreal Of Ypes acquired lands near Nieppe and had his "holiday house" built. As the years went by, episodes of war, pillage and requisitions followed one after the other, and during the French Revolution, the castle was converted into barracks, and also served as a food store and a prison. That castle was eventually so ravaged that it had to be torn down and entirely rebuilt. The new manorhouse was finished in 1802. The two World Wars were to, once again, completely change the face of the residence, which became public property in 1966. From then on, it has belonged to the village of Nieppe. Nowadays, the castle has a museum about local history and a pleasant park, where you can go for a walk or have a rest.