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Musée de France de Berck-sur-Mer

Museum (BERCK)

  • Inspected and accredited by the French museum department (Service des Musées de France)

Spoken languages : anglais

There was a time - from 1860 to 1914 - when painters used to flock to Berck by the dozen. Inspired by the sea and the harbour, they would set to work and immortalize the charms of the coast in pastel tones. From Manet to Boudin, these artists number over a hundred (Lepic, Tattegrain, Roussel, Lavezzari, Chambon, Trigoulet, etc). Their work, displayed in the museum, depicts what was once the largest shallow-water marina in France. This collection of work, by the naturalist painters sometimes grouped together as the 'Berck school', is presented so as to illustrate the everyday life of local fishermen. Every aspect of their lives is shown in fascinating detail: preparation, the departure and return of the boats, fishing out in the open sea, the women's work, domestic life... The museum is also open to contemporary art that goes with this theme, and makes one-off acquisitions from its temporary exhibitions.