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Musée des Augustins


  • Inspected and accredited by the French museum department (Service des Musées de France)

Spoken languages : anglais

The museum was set up in 1927 in a remarkable Flemish-style building that was once an Augustinian convent (1616). On the ground floor, you are greeted by a giant named Roland, dressed as a knight in armour after the legendary knight of Hazebrouck. The other members of his family, Tisje-Tasje, Toria, Babe-Tisje, and Zoon-Tisje can be found in one of the rooms devoted to regional ethnology. This brotherhood occasionally leaves the museum to take part in the commune's festivals, such as a carnival or a procession. The museum also contains a reconstruction of a traditional Flemish kitchen, complete with its brass, wall tiles and tin utensils. There is a gallery devoted to religious art, featuring the Treasure of the Saint-Eloi church, 16th- and 17th-century sculptures and religious paintings, including 'The Temptation of St Antoine', attributed to of Jérôme Bosch studio, and 'St Augustin' by Alonso De Herrera. The last gallery of the cloisters presents other works such as the paintings of César Pattein, an artist born in Hazebrouck in 1850.