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Housed in an ultra-modern building, but with a cladding of Hainaut bluestone, a symbol of this region's built heritage, the MusVerre glass museum looks out onto the rural, green landscape of the Avesnes bocage. Conceived by Raphaël Voinchet, of W-Architecture, the museum is designed to show off to best effect its collection of contemporary glasswork, which has grown into one of Europe's greatest collections. The history of the museum can be traced back to the 1960s, when the village priest Louis Mériaux discovered, in the homes of the glassworkers, pieces they had made during their breaks, which they called "bousillés" or "bodge-ups". He made a collection of these artefacts, put them on display... and in so doing, created the first museum along the way to the architectural gem we see today. The entrance hall, spacious and full of light, allows visitors to circulate freely in each area, and large picture windows bring the garden indoors to provide a peaceful, serene atmosphere.  The artefacts, spread over two floors, are superbly displayed and organised around various different themes: nature, the familiar, the unfamiliar, social commentary, etc. The museum is also a major cultural centre, offering workshops in the plastic arts and places where people can meet, hold discussions and work together. Very nearby is a studio with facilities for every glassworking technique, a vibrant, creative hub, which plays host to internationally-acclaimed artists in residence. Their works form part of the exhibition