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Péniche Guilde

Monument (DUNKERQUE)

Spoken languages : anglais, allemand, néerlandais

The Guilde barge is a testament to the crucial role of the inland waterways to transport goods from the ports to the back-country. It exhibits the history and evolution of inland waterway transport in the 20th century. The barge was originally owned by a navigation company that used it to transport coal and sand. At the time, it was pulled by mechanical tractors travelling along the banks. A couple of artisan boatmen bought the barge in 1959 and installed an engine. They also furnished the interior to make the living areas more comfortable. The barge stopped sailing in 1992 and would have been decommissioned, had it not been for the port museum of Dunkirk. You can now visit and see the exhibition "La vie au fil de l'eau" ('Life on the waterways') set up in its hold. 


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