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Site Minier d'Arenberg

Historic place (WALLERS)

  • UNESCO World Heritage

Spoken languages : anglais, allemand, néerlandais, espagnol

The Wallers-Arenberg site, put into operation in 1903, brings all the elements of the mining system together in a relatively small space. That's why it has been recognised as a place of major importance and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. One of the major sites dedicated to the memory of the Nord-Pas de Calais coal-mining area, the Arenberg pit consists of two technological wholes, each with their own distinctive function and architecture. This layout clearly displays the evolution of coal-mining techniques in the mining basin over the course of the 20th century. The site has also served as a film location; it was in Wallers that Claude Berri's famous "Germinal" was shot, and you can still see the set designs during your visit.