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Au Roi du Potjevleesch

Restaurant , Gift shop (regional products) (GODEWAERSVELDE)

The Au Roi du Pot'je pub, in the former slaughterhouse, has been around a long time. It was set up by the village butcher, and, thanks to Sabine and David, it still retains the atmosphere of that era. Share some good times around a typically Flemish meal (carbonade, pot'je, sandwich boards) or bar-style dishes , and choose from a selection of fifty-odd different ales Try out the Bière du Douanier (Customs Officers' Beer), brewed specially for the house in Wattou, just on the other side of the border in Belgium. Have a go at traditional Flemish games and do a spot of shopping at the shop next to the pub, which sells local products (dining capacity 35-40 people).