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Auberge Le Saint-Erasme

Restaurant (SERCUS)

Le Saint-Erasme is a pub and inn at the heart of Sercus, a heritage-village© located between Hazebrouck and Saint-Omer. This pub, with its dashing façade, is just across the road from the village's 12th-century Roman bell tower. It's the only "drankhuis" (drinks outlet) that remains of the 17 that existed here during the inter-war period. The panel on the façade reads (in French): "If pangs of hunger afflict you, come in, for Saint Erasmus is the healing saint of stomach aches". A simple setting, without frills, that has kept its authenticity and character: bare beams and naked bricks, antique floor tiling, solid bar counter. Food-wise, you're sure to love the fresh, crispy chips fried in beef fat; the famous rabbit with prunes, the lamb mousse that melts in your mouth and the traditional veal head. A great place to go, popular with locals and perfect for a sunday meal after an outing in Flanders.