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Estaminet A l'Ancienne Gare


No, 'A l'Ancienne Gare' has never been a train station! But it has been so named because it's right next to the former train station of Godewaersvelde - which is now a school! A trifle confusing, perhaps... This typical "estaminet" serves local specialties of the Nord-Pas de Calais region, such as pot'je, carbonade, chicken Waterzooï, as well as specialties of the house, like veal stew cooked in beer, filet mignon with speculoos (caramelised biscuit), etc. A wide range of ales on the menu, traditional Flemish games and nice interior decoration (look up at the ceiling, there are all sorts of rolling pins and mashers hanging above your head!) After a hearty meal, don't miss out on visiting the Godewaersvelde museum of customs and border life, to find out more about this emblematic village.