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Het Blauwershof
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The Blauwershof, Flemish for "thieves' den", is one of the oldest public taverns of the little village of Godewaersvelde, famous for its traditional restaurants. The setting, in a former blacksmiths' forge, is very authentic, with a decor styled on the theme of Flemish traditions: giants, engravings, traditional games. Three large rustic rooms await you, to enjoy a traditional meal to the sound of Flemish music: carbonade, Coq a la Bière (chicken with beer), pot'je vleesch and copious sandwiches of bacon and local cheese. All of it washed down with a good ale, of course, chosen from a wide selection on the menu. After your meal, the owner challenges you to test your skills in genuine traditional Flemish games like the hammer game or the spinning-top table.