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Le Galopin

Restaurant (METEREN)

Le Galopin is a pleasant little pub at the centre of the village of Meteren, just off the A25. It has everything you need to enjoy some quality time with your family or friends: A neat and pretty brick façade, simple and traditional decoration, generous helpings of local cuisine (pot'je vleesch, carbonade, 'Maroillette', Welsh rarebit...)  The beer menu lists a large variety of local ales, one of which is brewed right in the village, the Lupul'in. In fact, every summer, the village of Meteren stages the Lupul'in "from hops to beer" festival, where you can dive into the world of the region's favourite drink: fairs exhibiting home-made ales, hops visits, concerts, etc. There are also concerts in the pub itself, where themed evenings and live music are organised on a regular basis. Guaranteed fun in this condensed piece of Flanders, but make sure you book ahead!