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Les Damoiselles

Restaurant , Reception rooms (NIEPPE)

The Damoiselles pub, just off the A25 and yet in the heart of the countryside, is run by Fabien, a bagpipe player with a passion for folk music. This ample, friendly, popular and musical restaurant-pub, set in converted stables, has kept its rustic and authentic character. The brick stalls that once held horses are now intimate, cosy corners. The first floor, under the sloping roof, also has plenty of charm and can seat up to 90 people for dinner. There are events going on all the time: games, exhibitions, folk music concerts, and late-night sessions. You'll be served in the authentic Flemish way: pot'je vleesh "doled up by the ladle, with the bones, old-school-style", carbonade and Welsh rarebit. The menu has a logo certifying that all ingredients are sourced locally, from no more than 10 km away...